Monday, December 6, 2010

Wacky, Tacky Christmas Celebrations

When the Tacky Christmas Party was planned, everyone geared up to dress their craziest.

Just hangin' out in our Christmas best...
don't be jealous of our rockin' style.
Yes, I am wearing a Christmas onesie. It was a Christmas tradition for my grandmother, Mamoe, to give all the little grandchildren matching pajamas each Christmas. Since I'm the only unwed grandchild over the age of 8, I don't get to match everyone else anymore, so last year I picked myself out this fab onesie.

The party punch was a success to say the least. And we had fun being tacky crazy people all Saturday night.
doesn't Cynthia look like she's attending an 80s office party?
Life has been cuh-razy, and I can hardly remember the last time I had a lazy Sunday.

Enter... yesterday, a.k.a., a bLyss Designs workshop day.

I set up shop and cranked out about 8 wine glasses in one day!  I still have a bunch of finishing touches to make, but I am happy with my completion of Christmas Orders.

one of the many finished products!
Personalized orders are my favorite to make, and I had lots of 'em!  I can't wait for my friends who ordered these to give these glasses to their friends.

Plus, ABC Family was generous enough to provide me with a full-day Harry Potter marathon.  What more could a girl ask for? :)

Happy Monday to all!


Bethany said... [Reply]

I have 2 comments to make:

1) Could I look more like the token asian in the pic of us holding you?? I mean dear God, my eyes aren't even visible; they're just 2 tiny little slits at the top of my face. There might as well be a bubble coming from my mouth saying "Seasons Gleetings!"

2) This is a direct quote from a convo I had w/ Brent yesterday:
Brent: "I just ran into the house to say goodbye to everyone, and Alyssa was painting glasses, Seth was watching TV, and James and was puking."
Me: "Hmmm, something tells me that might be a pretty standard Sunday at that house."

Aasia said... [Reply]

hahahah i love the onesie! this whole page is too cute <3

Alyssa said... [Reply]


aahahaha, so true. a typical Sunday at 69th street. I was a painting machine, and James was completely out of commission.

I'm in love with both you, your hilariousness, AND your token asain status in that pic. It's all good - we needed a little biracial flava anyway ;) heehee!

Alyssa said... [Reply]


and THANKS, aaisy! I miss youu, and so glad you like the bloggety blog. ;) let's do something soon!

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