Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Learning my way around a limited kitchen

There should be an instruction manual for learning to cook yourself healthy, satisfying meals on a low budget, a limited kitchen, and limited time to cook. Doesn't every new college grad need to learn those basics?

I was pretty psyched about the little dinner I made myself last night, especially considering the way I've been eating when responsible for cooking just for myself.

The thing is, I get home late from work, typically don't have much time to run around a grocery store, and usually root through my refrigerator to find that something I bought fresh three days ago is already bad. Boo!

Last night, I threw a little something together (WITH MY NEW STOVE!) that looked a little something like this:

Ronzoni smart rotini pasta, spinach, smoked turkey breast, chopped pico de gallo, laughing cow
light garlic & herb cheese, some sprinkled feta cheese, and a pinch of garlic salt!
[apologies for the very poor photo quality as of late. I left my camera in James' car over the weekend, and I've been making do with my phone's camera.]

I've been on a big feta kick lately (I must just want to be greek like my favorite greeks, The Kraniases), and I am always in the mood for pasta.  After a good run at the gym, this really hit the spot!

And who believes it takes a second round of a recipe to make it look SO much better? This girl!
oreo balls take two - with crushed peppermint toppings!
Isn't that Christmas platter adorable? My good friend Cynthia got this for me for Christmas, and I love it!

James and I are having our Christmas tonight since tomorrow we both leave to go to our respective families for the holidays. I'm excited!


Erin Kidd said... [Reply]

You can teach me how to cook :)
I need to learn soon

Alyssa said... [Reply]

Erin, I'll teach ya!

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