Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It’s A White, White Post-Christmas!

Well, we sure didn’t have to dream of a white Christmas this year. It was right in front of us, and for our entire drive home, we couldn’t see anything but white.

After the Christmas festivities in NorVA, we found ourselves trapped outside Virginia Beach. Home to North Carolina we went! 
slowly but surely...
It was a loo-oo--oong drive (8 hours instead of the usual 4), but we eventually made it back and are camping out until I can make it back home. 
our house upon arrival
The upside to all this snowy madness? I can't even leave the house to get back to Virginia Beach.  Hello, forced vacation time!
The night we got back, my parents and I took a little trek through the snow. I donned my very stylish childhood skiing hat four our walk through the winter wonderland that was Albemarle Plantation.
I know you're jealous of my awesome bear hat. you can borrow it if you're nice.
And we left our mark with some snow angels by Lyssa and Gin.
snow angel pros
Halter Christmas Card 2011?


Anastasia said... [Reply]

this is so cute ahah. gimme those halter angels.

Sarah said... [Reply]

The snow angels look like so much fun!

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