Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet my new baby, Chloe

Can you all believe it? Because I'm still recovering from the shock of actually getting my little baby. After three days with my new baby, I finally know what it's like to love and worry like a mama.

Now, you must hear the story.

I went home for a relaxing weekend in North Carolina to my parent's house. On Friday, we opened my birthday gifts, and my dad told me he needed me to go look at another house with him. Since my dad flips houses, he's constantly searching for his next project, so this was a pretty good cover.

The next day, when we headed to this "house," I was a little confused to see a nice neighborhood with newer houses. As we pulled into the driveway, I spotted some kennels in the back. It occurred to me what may be happening, but since my dad didn't return my smile, I just assumed I was getting ahead of myself. My parents have laughed at my puppy wishes for so long, I couldn't believe I'd actually get one.

Once we walked in the door of this nice house, a young couple and their gorgeous black lab greeted us at the door. I crouched down to pet her, telling her she looked just like my old doggy, Emma.

My dad said "Stacey, Alyssa doesn't know why we're here."

I looked up. It was then that I noticed the big nursing nipples on the dog I was petting. And the little "yip yip yip"s coming from two little kennels in the room.
I picked the one in my arms. ;)
Would you believe me if I said I started tearing up and hopping up and down?

I was SO excited. I love surprises, I wanted a puppy SO bad, and I was on cloud nine. I think I started getting dizzy when the three girl puppies I was able to choose from came pouring out of the kennel.
daddy got playtime with the three sisters
These breeders had a smart system. They kept track of their puppies by their collar color, and I had to choose between an adorable "red," "black," and "blue" pup.
Worst task ever, right? I had to go with my gut on this one. The red-collared puppy was the calmest, the most drawn to playing with me, and the least rambunctious.

I just found my new 7 week old baby.

gimme those s
On the car ride home, I told my parents I really liked the name Chloe for a puppy. No reason- I wouldn't name my puppy after a Kardashian (she's Khloe, anyway), and I don't watch 24. I just like the name Chloe for a pretty black lab. :) We then decided her middle name should be some tribute to our wonderful black lab who passed a year ago, Emma.
we miss our Emma every day.
When we got home, my dad pulled out Emma's lineage papers. What are the chances that her mother's name would have been Chloe? There is no way my 6 year old self knew that at the time, so I think it's pretty darn perfect that I chose such a name.
what song did I sing on the ride home? "you make me smiiile like a sun, falllll outta bed, siiing like a bird..."
Chloe came at a time when my family really needed something happy in our home. With recent events, we've been dragging a little, and Chloe was the perfect addition to our lives. Which brings me to her middle name - Ray. Because she's my little ray of sunshine. :) It may sound sappy, but it's oh, so true.
sleepy baby. what a tiring day!
The best recommendation from our breeder? Chloe has slept in my bed with me the past three nights to "bond" with me. Helllooo, heaven!

A couple typical fun facts about Chloe Ray: She loves shoelaces. She will not go potty in the rain. She has a bling-bling'in pink collar. She thinks any cords are the most interesting thing in the world. She likes snuggling with my shoes. She already sits for treats. She likes playing in her water bowl. She thinks walks are stupid. She finds mirrors mesmerizing. And she loves following her mama throughout the house.

I'm in love.


Kristen McGrath said... [Reply]

Oh my GOSH! Al, that is the sweetest story I have ever heard! Congrats. Chloe is a little cutiepie! If you ever need to put Chloe in a crate, the breeders who gave my mom Sadie told her that a large stuffed animal is a good mommy impersonator. Sadie loved her "buddy", as my mom would call it, until she got older and chewed its butt and ears off haha. What a dream come true! I am so happy for you!!!

Alyssa said... [Reply]

@Kristen McGrath

thanks, Kris! yes, chloe will get the crate overnight for the first time tonight. our vet told us the only thing safe for her to be left with is a nylabone! I wanted to give her a buddy, though. maybe after a week or two. ;) miss you, love!

Bethany Kreitinger said... [Reply]

This is, by far, your greatest post *ever*!!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh!!!!!! She is AMAZINGGGG!!!! I know exactly how you feel. I am still such a mamma to my Julep, who will be two next month!!!

That is sooooo sweet your parents surprised you. Dogs really are the best thing ever.... and they definitely fill a home with happiness!

So excited for you and can't wait to see more pics!

thegrassskirt said... [Reply]

OMG! I love her!!! Always trust your gut when it comes to decisions like that one. Congratulations!!!!

Alex said... [Reply]

I knew it!! congratulations!!! My pug is my child. He sleeps with us. I miss my pug baby...I get to go home from work in less than 2 hours!!! CONGRATS AGAIN! SHE IS PRECIOUS!!!

Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) said... [Reply]

AWWW, Chloe is just the CUTEST little thing ever!!! Such a sweet sweet face she has! You sound like one happy momma, how cool!

I just found you blog, so cute! Love the layout, too!

Rachel @ The Avid Appetite said... [Reply]

Oh my she is just the sweetest! You are making me crave a puppy right now. My family's dog name is Chloe and she is our baby. I obviously love the name :)

Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) said... [Reply]

OH WOW SHE IS SOOO CUTE!!! Love the story too! She is adorable!! I remember my dog when he was that big...!

And you are so pretty by the way!! :)

Jennifer said... [Reply]

awwwwwww i love her! so adorable!

Zandi Watts said... [Reply]

Most adorable puppy ever!

LifeasKristina said... [Reply]

YAY!!!! How exciting!!! Prepare to turn into one of those dog people (me) who acts like their dog is their child:) Enjoy the puppy fur and breath-it's a stage that goes by quick!!! They're so cuddly!!!! SO CUTE!

Mindy@FindingSilverLinings said... [Reply]

Soooo cute! Congratulations!!!

Cynthia said... [Reply]

Your puppy is so adorable! I love the name Chloe Ray. :)

Erin Kidd said... [Reply]

I'm so happy you finally got a puppy Aly

thisitalianfamily said... [Reply]

Oh my gracious, she is just the most precious and adorable thing! So fuzzy and soft looking! Congratulations on your new addition. :)

By the way, came to your blog via Allison's (HappyTales) so I thought I'd stop in and say hey! :)

Meg said... [Reply]

Congrats on the new family member, what an adorable story! Surpriiiise, haha :)

Tori @ FIToriBLOG.com said... [Reply]

LOVE THE NEW PUPPY!!!! and you are a doll! gorgeous!! glad I found your blog!!!

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