Friday, January 7, 2011

Is 23 old yet?

At what age does one officially become "old?"

happy birthday "two" you, baby lyssa. it's two bad your bangs aren't straight.
I was feeling pretty young today when I got a birthday blessing by the birthday fairy at school. This gem of a lady visits the school every month to "bless" each child for the month of their birthday.

birthday fairy blessing, hoo-rah! I even got to hold the wand.
With my 23rd birthday tomorrow, I'm kind of still feeling like I'm never going to be old. I'm going to be that old lady who still cures boredom with the Disney Channel, has a stupid excitement over bulk candy stores and ice cream, still thinks Jesse McCartney is dreamy, and loves to bust a move on the dance flo'. I do share a birthday with Elvis, after all.
let's face it. we'll be doing this 'till we're old and gray.

It's so funny how turning 21 is what everyone looks forward to with so much anticipation... and then, it's downhill from there, right? Sadly, running around declaring, "I'm twenty-threeee!" isn't near as cool as screaming "I'm twenty-ONNNEEEE" all day at the top of your lungs.
that "2-1" made an appearance all night long.
It's also a lot harder to hold up the 2-3 in the right order than it is when you turn 2-2.
foreeever yooouunnggg..
Let's face it, I'm never growing up. ;)

Does this mean I have to take down my coveted 22nd birthday card my good friend, Abby, made me? It's been on display in my room for a year now...
the birthday card that keeps on giving... Abby's so talented.
I'm off to Lake Gaston after work for a birthday weekend with my wonderful friends, John and Cynthia. I can't waiiiit!

Wine tastings, funny movies, and lots of corny games are in my near birthday future.

And probably not a birthday puppy. ;) I'm still holding onto my dreams!
what a surprise! A puppy?! I never even asked for one of those!
Next time I post, I'll be "twenty-threeeeee!"


Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) said... [Reply]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you ancient (joke!) and beautiful girl! :D
My fingers are crossed that you get your birthday puppy! :P

Anonymous said... [Reply]

23 is a baby, try being 53

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