Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chloe's update

Since Mom's a working lady and Chloe needs lots of attention at only 7 weeks old, she is staying with her Opa and Gigi for the week. In North Carolina with them, she can be fed 4 times a day, taken outside to potty every  three hours   one hour  thirty minutes, and get her 8 week shots.

Gigi loves puppy-sitting!
Chloe is still learning how to be an appropriate member of society. Last night was her first night not sleeping in Mama's bed, and it sounds like she had a pretty rough night.
get... me... outta... here!
I received the following e-mail from somebody on my mom's e-mail address:

Dear Mom,

You think these people are nice, but you are crazy! They expected me to sleep in this crate in a bathroom. Do you believe it? I showed them. I howled from 1AM until 1:48. I took a short nap and then banged the sides of the crate for an hour after Gigi tried to take me outside in the cold. Now Opa won't even let me take a shower with him!
xo Your sad daughter,

Oh, Chloe. She's still learning.
when can I come home, Mom?
I'm missing my little baby, but I was able to drown some of my sorrow into the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. I've been wearing Creamy Coconut since high school, and I stock up on it every January since it's not available in stores anymore. Thank youuu, BBW!
all stocked up and smelling naaaaice
Does anybody else have to buy their scent online? I feel like other classics have been in stores since I was in 4th grade!

hang in there, Chlo. Mama's coming to get you soon.


Bethany Kreitinger said... [Reply]


Seriously, on mon/weds I only have one class at 3:30pm, so I could take care of her/let her out in the mornings, and on tues/thurs I have a break b/t 10am and noon, and then I'm done both days by 2pm, so I could let her out.


Alex said... [Reply]

I love the email!!!

I also loved that chloe has grandparents. Presley, my pug, always cocks his head when I say grandma and grandpa and gets all excited when I tell him that we are going over to their house!!

I love the last picture!!!

Marg said... [Reply]

She's so cute! Ahh...the hardest part and why I'm the worst trainer, the puppy cries all night. I need a dog!

cyclicalunemployment said... [Reply]

omg she really is like a baby! so cute

LifeasKristina said... [Reply]

She is so adorable-love her! I let my dog get away with so much more than he should bc of his cuteness!

ashley@piesandpushups said... [Reply]

Hi Alyssa! I just stumbled across your blog and I am in love with your new puppy! Chloe is precious! I just got a vizsla puppy a few months ago and she is like my fury child!
I'm looking forward to following your blog!

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