Monday, January 24, 2011

Half Marathon Training & The "About Me" page... finally!

Well, I've finally done it.

I've been working on an "About Me" page since the start of my blog, but it was quite the struggle to sum myself up in a page.

It took much longer than it should have, and I finally finished as Chloe supervised.

"I'd prefer you hurry that up and play with me."
I rambled, I over-shared pictures, and I'm done.

Enjoy here.  ;)

Also, as The Shamrock Half Marathon approaches, I'm checking the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Guide. As this is my third half, I'm assuming I should be following the "advanced"training guide.

For my first half marathon, I was worried I couldn't even get through it. I followed our running guide to a T. For the second one, I did my own thing while checking the guide every once in a while to see where I should be.

When I checked it this time around, I realized I'm pretty ahead of schedule... again.

The below schedule from is the one I used for my first half, and it differs a little from Hal's plan.

10-Week Half Marathon Training Schedule
103Rest3Walk 2Rest13.1Rest21.1

Whenever I train, I've been running a whole lot more than these two plans call for.

To my runner friends, how do you tend to train? Do you follow a plan, or do you plan your own routine? I want to know if I'm the only one out here over-training, and if I'm doing something wrong. Leave me a comment with your input!


simplyshaka said... [Reply]

Yay for NC (even if you're not here anymore!) You totally look like Ke$sha in that pic too, freaky. And can I just say I want to cuddle up with Chloe? She looks like a total doll! I love your about page and your blog, I look forward to reading more. Thanks for stopping by mine :)

thisitalianfamily said... [Reply]

Aww, I love your about page! So cute! You definitely didn't overshare pictures, so no worries! :) And Chloe seriously is so adorable!

Allison @ Happy Tales said... [Reply]

Giiiirl I just posted about nearly this exact same thing tonight!!!! We are so on the same wavelength... I pretty much do what I want (esp for halfs... I actually never trained for any of my 4 halfs) but now that I'm going to do a full... I am trying to follow at least *some* type of plan. My goal is to avoid overtraining, just like you...

PS. Congrats on the new about me page! yayyy!

Alex said... [Reply]

your about me page is great!! I love those pictures of chloe! Keep them coming!

Maleah said... [Reply]

Currently, I'm training for a full marathon. I tend to make up my own training program. I usually set-up 2 important runs (long run and some type of speedwork) per week and then set up a goal mileage for the week (usually I set it as a goal range), so other than the 2 important runs every thing else is just filler. I never plan my runs on specific days, I just do them around my work schedule whenever I can, which means I also take rest days pretty much whenever I want. I usually only take 1-2 days off per week. As long as I do my important runs and reach my goal mileage for the week, everything else is just filler. Oh, for marathon training I also schedule in a "down week" every few weeks. On a down week, my mileage for that week is considerably lower, my long run is much shorter, and I don't do any type of speedwork.

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said... [Reply]

What a cute pup,is it a black lab? I have two sharpeis and they are the cutest things ever!

ashley@piesandpushups said... [Reply]

That's awesome that you are doing another half! I have run several half marathons and I usually use Hal Higdon's training plans & I really like them. I think they are great and they always have helped me finish in my goal time. I have found that when I'm only running 3-4 days a week (instead of 5-6 days) that I actually increase my speed. I cross train/lift/do yoga on the other days of the week and I think by giving my legs a break I am able to complete my runs in a better time.
P.s. I am so in love with Chloe! If I lived closer, I might try and steal her! :)

Alyssa said... [Reply]

@Amy at TheSceneFromMe

YES! She's an 8 week old black lab. :)

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