Monday, February 14, 2011

Virginia is for Lovers 14k Race Recap

Virginia is for looovers... and I LOVED this race!

The 14k started at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. It was SO nice to race on a Saturday (every other long race I've completed has been on a Sunday), and it was glorious starting at 9 a.m. instead of 7 a.m.

It's a good thing it started later, too, because although it was a really nice day, the beginning was cold. We even had to avoid an icy path for about a mile and a half!

Despite the serious mud and ice, Anastasia and I ran the majority of the race at a 7:40ish pace (I know this thanks to my Garmin Forerunner! it was SO nice being able to check our pace). Because we arrived very last-minute, we ended up at the back in corral 3, although we were slated to start in corral 1. We spent a lot of the race weaving in and around other runners... but all that passing probably made us feel good, huh? ;)
are you loving the gatorade splash stains all over my sleeve as much as I am?
I kept thinking in my head, "It's rude to count people as you pass them... out loud."

I found myself really entertained by my surroundings throughout this race, unlike the boring Rock 'N' Roll in August. I felt like that race was really built up with all the bands supposedly playing for the runners, but I was a little let down after that one.

THIS race included a whole lott'a goofy costumes (a black and white swan... feathered wings and all, a guy in a tuxedo carrying a dozen roses...) and fun matching team outfits.

Anastasia (always my running twin) and I opted for black leggings and pink long sleeved Ts from Target. Yeeah! 

after Rockin' and Rollin' for 13.1 miles
We must like pink. ;)

More pictures to come of us enjoying the after-race... Anastasia has all the photos on her camera.

For finishing, we got Valentine carnations, a Virginia is for Lovers glass, Yuengling, and Moe's burritos and chips. Don't mind if we dooo!
Jamie and the A Team after the finish
Jamie even found us at the finish! We were looking for each other throughout the race, but weren't united until the end. VA Beach neighbor-blogger love!

Speaking of blogger love, Robby, Kat, Ian met up with us after the race. It was SO good to see Kat... it's been way too long!

I ended up finishing in the top 7% of my age group, or 9th place. If Anastasia and I had officially signed up as a team, we would have taken 2nd place! Oh well, now we know for next time. ;)

After a fantastic 3 hour nap post-race, I picked myself up and made a yummy green monster thin mint protein shake. 

virginia, protein, and green minty chocolate is for lovers.
I know your typical person would turn up his or her nose at the idea of throwing spinach in a smoothie, but I swear you can't taste it at all. And for those who aren't spinach fans, what better a way to get your greens? ;)

Later, I geared myself up for a night on the town with my good friends Lisa-Marie and Aasia and Meghan. It was so nice to reunite for a fun night of margaritas and daaancin'! 

nothin' like a night of dancing to work some sore legs.
Q: What's your favorite aspect of a race? The post-race party? The fun distractions during the race? Or is it the post-runners rush and awesome feeling of accomplishment? I'll take all the above!

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

AWESOME run!!! holy crap! My favorite aspect of the race is the camaraderie with other runners. It also depends a lot on the size of the race. :)

Meg O @watchmegorun said... [Reply]

Whoo hoo, way to rock that race. You are awesome lady!

Allison @ Happy Tales said... [Reply]

That race sounds like SOOO much fun... flowers? Yes please! And moe's?! Eeeeven better! Congrats on such an awesome finish, btw!

OH!! The other day at the gym I saw a girl working out with a "CATAWBA" teeshirt on. It made me think of you!

Marg said... [Reply]

Wow, congrats on finishing so high! Moe's sounds so good right now.

Melissa said... [Reply]

I'm running my first race in June so I'm looking forward to all of the above!! Good job on the race!! And thank you for the Nutella dip recipe! Holy yum!!!!

Rach said... [Reply]

You go girl! Looks like SUCH a great day and race! :) I especially love your, "is it rude to count people..." comment. ;)

Nicole @ Of Cookies and Carrots said... [Reply]

I have yet to race... But I'm totally down to do so in the future! Probably not so much actually to race people and do better than them BUT jsut for fun ;)

You are SO pretty by the way :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Great job on the race!! Is their a rock and roll in VA? Or did you do the one in San Diego?? I want that to be my first!

LifeasKristina said... [Reply]

Fav aspect? Seeing the finish line-you start picking up your pace and go!
I've always wanted to do a rock'n roll one!

Rachel @ The Avid Appetite said... [Reply]

Good for you! Congrats on finishing this race!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Awww, looks like such a fun race!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You girls did AWESOME alyssa!!! congrats :D!!!!!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said... [Reply]

They gave you Moe's burritos and chips?! Now that's worth running for! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm loving the pink apparel! Way to rock that 14k. I love everything about racing especially the feeling of accomplishment at the end. If they were cheaper I'd be out racing all the time!

that shake looks divine--what do you put in it?

caree said... [Reply]

I am running the rock n roll race in March in Dallas, I hope it isn't as boring as you say
:(. However, I am only running the 2 person relay (7 miles for me).

Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) said... [Reply]

WOW girl you did AMAZINGLY!! That looks like the most fun thing EVER!! And wow you guys are SPEEDY!! Love the pinkness too! :D

The best part is all of it!! I love the pre-race excitement too! Have a great day you GORGEOUS girlie!:)

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