Monday, February 21, 2011

Cocktail Ring-1. Alyssa-0

thank you, VB fire department and rescue squad. my finger is free at last.
Yesterday morning, I found myself in a little bit of a pickle.

When I got ready to go out on Saturday night, I picked out a ring to match my new Michael Antonio Lovie Pumps. I remembered it was a little small, but it went on my finger fine, so I finished getting ready and hit the town without worrying about the ring.

perfect match, no?
After a fun night with Cynthia, I went to take off my ring. Annnddd.. no luck. I ran my finger under cold water. Still no luck. Butter? Nope.

I figured I'd try again in the morning... no big deal.

This is my finger around 2 p.m. on Sunday.

I tried every trick in the book. I held my (numb) hand in ice water, I tried Windex (the best method out there), I wrapped my finger in tape... and no luck.

After a cry for help via Facebook (what would we do without social networking?) my EMT cousin suggested I hit up the closest fire station to get it cut off.

thank you, Steffie!
So, after realizing my finger was turning colors all too quickly, I trudged up to the fire station and rescue squad near my house. Feeling a little dumb, I rang the little bell to open the door, and a nice fire man answered.

"Hi... uh, this might sound weird, but my cousin is an EMT... and she suggested I come to you... uuumm.. (gesturing to my finger like Julia Roberts does in My Best Friend's Wedding) I kind of have something I need to get cut off?"

(best. movie. ever.)
He grinned and asked if i wanted the ring or the finger off.

About 15 minutes, 3 cuts into the ring, and a lot of wrenching and pulling later, I was a freeee woman.

Did I mention this process took three firemen?

yes. you may cut my ring off.
So, the moral of the story is... if the Windex doesn't work, hit up the fire station. It'll save you a ton of money and time you'd otherwise be spending at the ER.

"mom, take it easy on the too-tight jewelry. I'd rather not wait for you in the car at the fire station."
Other than my little mishap on Sunday, my weekend was a great, friend-filled one.

We celebrated our love for wine with our usual Tortugas Wine Night...

kisses for the chard
and a few of us attempted several group pre-party pictures...

we try.
carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese filling? peanut butter pretzel truffles? bourbon balls? bruschetta? gosh..
And we enjoyed serious amounts of treats (recipe recap to come)!

Laura used her new bLyss Designs wine glass!
and Meggy and I snuggled and ate copious amounts of bruschetta.
Chloe Bieber
Meghan has a "Beiber yourself" iPhone app. Chloe wanted in. Never say never when you put together a bunch of girls, a dog, and a Bieber Yourself app.

"not until you're 3, Chloe."
Speaking of wine love, Chloe wanted in on the action on Saturday night. Cynthia and I decided that we needed to wait until she turns 3, (in dog years, that's 21, yes?) so she's eagerly awaiting that birthday.

so she chilled on Cynthia's furniture while we had our Saturday night fun. =)
kisses for mama!
Chloe's found a new set of pet-sitters!
Here's to hoping each of you had a stress-free, relaxing weekend... without a trip to the fire station. ;)

And guess what else happened this weekend?!

soon to be Mrs. Doherty
Remember all the blog love Lisa-Marie got in my last post? Her boyfriend popped the Q and they're engaaaged! Congrats to Seth and LM...we're all getting so old.

What lesson did you learn this weekend?


Anonymous said... [Reply]

omg i cannot believe that happened to you!! i thought those things only happened to me, seriously! so glad in the end you were ok!
Congrats to Lisa-Marie!!
I love that pic of chloe with the beiber hair hahaha

caree said... [Reply]

I am glad you are okay!!!

that puppy is sooo cute!!!

Cat said... [Reply]

OMG Alyssa I can't believe you had to go to the fire station!!! I mean, I hope the fire fighters were at least hot!?!?????? You poor thing!!!

And to answer your question, yeah the commute TOTALLY sucks. Part of the reason I'm looking forward to some changes in about 2 months

Rach said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that happened! I'm so glad you had the very handy firemen available to save the day!

Looks like you guys had so much fun and congrats to your friend! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow your poor finger. Good thing they got it off--and firefighters are usually pretty good looking right?! ;-)

Looks like you had a fabulous wine night with your girls. And I want Chloe she's sooo cute. I miss my dog!

Olivia said... [Reply]

That zebra wine glass is so chic! Love it;)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The wine glass looks cool! Glad you got the ring off...and what a great blog post it made.

LifeasKristina said... [Reply]

That is insane about your ring-glad it worked out, phew!
Love all the pup pics-too cute:)
Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

Melissa said... [Reply]

I learned that copious amounts of wine and birthday cake=tummy ache. ;(
Sorry about your ring! I would never have thought to go to the fire station. What did we do before the internet??

Rachel @ The Avid Appetite said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness, I would not have known what to do with that ring! Great idea on going to the fire dept. Plus, hopefully you got to see some cute firemen :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That is so bad! I would have been so freaked out if that happened. I once had that with a cast and it's no fun to watch your fingers turn blue. In other news, both those pumps and your pup are adorable.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh my LAWD!!! I'm glad you got that ring off!! Ridiculous!

This weekend, I learned that 4 day weekends are insanely long!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only person who got a ring stuck on their finger. Freshman year of college I was out playing volleyball with a bunch of folks from the dorm. I jammed my finger but was too embarrassed to say anything about it. (Hello, college boys!) I think I went out and got drunk shortly after and when I woke up the next morning, my finger was HUGE and my ring was STUCK. It was a horrible feeling; I was afraid I would be stuck forever! I would venture to guess you felt that way as well.

I just found your blog and am loving it! A healthy living blog with LOTS OF WINE? Thank the lord!

Alex said... [Reply]


In my sleep though, I could barely get it off...I woke up to it throbbing (that's what she said....??? lol) and when I took it off it was so swollen...I thought it was bleeing! It is not a fun feeling!

Allison @ Happy Tales said... [Reply]

LOL the ring fiasco seriously had me cracking up at my desk here at work... sorry you had to go through that!

PS> Chloe pup is getting SO BIG!!!!

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