Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a Small, Small World.

Pop quiz: what's the most horrifyingly annoying song ever to be played in all of Disney World?

I think the answer to this one would be unanimous. The Small World boat tour of singing dolls around the world is sure to get stuck in every passenger's head for the rest of their day at Disney.

myyyy hero!
I can't fail to mention how it was my favorite as a 5 year old. My mom apparently took me on Small World about 37 times in a row. She still loves the ride. Me? Not so much.

At least I had some killer style.

there we are, a Halter girl dream team repping pink and purple together.
and yes, I really needed that many scrunchies.
thanks, mom and dad. that fanny pack really pulls together my
high socks and coordinating oversized polka shirt and shorts.

I digress. The topic of this post is intended to cover what a SMALL world it really is.

Last week, I noticed I had a post comment from cupcake dynamite (how cute is their blog header? I need to do some re-vamping to mine. Any ideas?)


Apparently, Julie's blog is just bringin' people together.  :)

I've always had such jealousy over the Orlando and Charlotte blog friends of mine who get to meet up with others who have the same likes, interests, and hobbies. When I saw Jamie's comment, I was so excited!

Jamie even remembers when Julie featured my hand painted glassware in a few posts. Yay for bLyss Designs!

**bLyss Designs now has a Facebook Page, thanks to a suggestion by Michelle. Go check it out and "like" it now, puh-lease! :)

The CRAZY small world part comes next. Jamie graduated from one of my rival high schools! What's more? She knows one of my Catawba friends, Todd, and she played field hockey. THIS means we played on the same field hockey field. She was right wing on the opposing team, and I was left wing.

And not only does Jamie live in Virginia Beach as well, but our houses are exactly 2.4 miles away (yep, we mapped it).

I nearly wet myself I was so excited to have another Jersey girl so nearby. And not just another Jersey girl, a Jersey girl running buddy! Oh, how I've missed my running buddies... Anastasia, Rob, Mag, John... it's been a lonely winter training for the Shamrock on my little treadmill at the YMCA.

So, Jamie and I scheduled a run on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. (after a Saturday morning rainout).

As we met up halfway between our houses, we giggled at the fact that we can check "running blind date" off our bucket lists. She was awesome, it was a gorgeous day outside, and it was a perfect way to start out my Sunday morning.

This is the most running outside I've done since the summertime.  I was enjoying Jamie's company and the sunshine so much, I got completely distracted and ended up running 7 miles before returning home to my little Tasmanian Devil.

thanks to Brian, Chloe's got a new favorite monkey toy!
I finished up my run with a .25 mile walk with Chloe. Trust me, .25 miles is a lot longer when it sounds with this little one... and walk is a strong term for what's going on here. "Drag" is more like it.

Jamie and I are already planning more buddy runs, trips to Skinny Dip, and nights out. Jersey girls taking VA Beach by storm - wahoo!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I LOVE THIS! I had such a nice time running with you and can't wait to go again!! Hopefully I won't have to rush to work next time so we can run together longer!! I also can't wait for skinny dip& nights out and other fun jersey girl-ness :), you are too sweet!

Meg O @watchmegorun said... [Reply]

Great job on your run! Always so much more fun with a buddy. A .25 mile walk w my dog would be a pain too. He gets so distracted

brooke @ E.F.F. said... [Reply]

i love your blog!!

Alex said... [Reply]

I love the pictures, I dressed just like you too! I didn't match was awful!

Melissa said... [Reply]

How cool to meet someone like yourself from the bloggy world!! I love your glass designs by the way!

sisters running the kitchen said... [Reply]

such cute photos! love your blog :)

Nicole @ Of Cookies & Carrots said... [Reply]

totally new to your blog but had to tell you that ACTUALLY the most annoying disney song is that "i'm wishing... for the one I love..." etc in snow white... because it's borderline too high pitched to be in my hearing range.

I like your blog though! :)

Allison @ Happy Tales said... [Reply]

aw, what a smmall world indeed! So glad you had fun on yuor first boggy meet-up :)

katherine rose said... [Reply]

hey lady! that is so fun! I can't wait to see you! We will be there on friday night and saturday morning! Hope we can meet up!! and LOVE your blog!

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